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 Squid game


squid game This is a Korean film, which is based on people who are very tight on money and have too much debt. In this show, you will get to see a mentally disturbed villain who offers all these people to play terrible games with money or death, and they accept that strange invitation. What happens after that? Why does it happen? Today we are going to give you the answers to all these questions. So today we are going to review the squid game series.

Movie Overview

Squid Game, This movie series can be called Netflix's best series. Which is directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The story of this Dangerous Game has won the hearts of the viewers. People in debt are forced to play the game of victory or death in an invisible world. For which he is kept as a prize as heavy as 45.6 billion. Written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this story brings to the fore the brutal truth of society. This series was released on 17 September 2021. Which has got an 8 out of 10 stars rating on the online platform. This show has been liked by more than 94% of people. The budget of this show was around $21.4 million.

Full of action, drama and mystery, the show is originally made in Korean, dubbed in English, Urdu and Hindi. The other name of this show is El juego del calamar. The squid game is shot in Seoul, South Korea. Siren Pictures This production company has invested money in this show. This story, written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was rejected by the actors and the TV industry for 10 years, although this show is one of the top shows right now.

Crew details

Hwang Dong-hyuk (executive producer) and produced by Kim Ji-Yeon was produced Squid Game. The music of this is composed by Jung Jae-il. Squid Game Cinematography was done by Lee Hyeong-deok. The editing of the film was done by Nam Na-Young. The casting of this show was done by Abdelrahman N. Fawzy. The production design work of this film was entrusted to Chae Kyoung-sun. The costume design of the cast is done by Jo Sang-Gyeong.

Apart from this (1) Makeup Department, (1)Production Management,(1)Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, (55)Sound Department,(2)Special Effects,(4) Visual Effects, (2)Stunts, (1)Camera and Electrical Department, (3)Editorial Department, (4)Music Department, (1)Script and Continuity Department, (2) Additional Crew has worked to make the squid game.

Movie review

Squid Game, This is a show that will make you surprised with fear. If you are looking for a good and great show, then this show will live up to all your expectations. The tremendous acting of the cast and story in the show will make you go crazy. What will you do in this story? Why will it happen? And how will it happen? To find the answer to this mystery-filled question, you will watch all the episodes of this show in a day, such a tremendous impact this show has made on everyone. The show's scenes, unseen world setup and bloodshed will keep you entertained. A lot of cruelty and bloodshed has been shown in this film, which only strong-hearted people can see. Do not watch this show with children.

Main casts

1) Lee Jung-Jae - Seong Gi-hun / Seong Gi-Hun (9 episodes, 2021)

2)Park Hae-soo - Cho Sang-woo / Sang-woo (9 episodes, 2021)

3)Wi Ha-Joon - Hwang Jun-ho (8 episodes, 2021)

4) Jung Hoyeon - Kang Sae-byeok (8 episodes, 2021)

5)Oh Yeong-Su - Oh Il-nam (7 episodes, 2021)

6)Heo Sung-tae - Jang Deok-su (7 episodes, 2021)

7)Anupam Tripathi - Ali Abdul (7 episodes, 2021)

8) Greg Chun - Gi-Hun (7 episodes, 2021)

9)Kim Joo-Ryung - Han Mi-nyeo / Han Mi-Nyeo (7 episodes, 2021)

10)Stephen Fu - Sang-Woo (7 episodes, 2021)

11) Tom Choi - Frontman (7 episodes, 2021)

12) Vivian Lu - Sae-Byeok / Kang Sae-byeok (7 episodes, 2021)

13) Rama Vallury - Ali / Additional Voices (7 episodes, 2021)

14)Paul Nakauchi - Deok-Su (6 episodes, 2021)

15)Hideo Kimura - Il-Nam (6 episodes, 2021)

Movie story

The Squid Game, The show begins with Seong who is in exorbitant debt and desperately in need of money for his daughter's custody as well as his mother's treatment. He tries to earn money in many ways to pay off his debt and run the house. But they fail. He meets an unknown person, who gives him a lot of money to play a game, gives him a contact number to contact if he needs more money. Seong compulsively contacts on that number. He is picked up and taken away by a jeep, where many such people who fail in life are also in that car. They are knocked unconscious. They all find themselves in a strange invisible world early in the morning. 

They are a total of 456 people, in which Seong's childhood friend also lives. some game organizer guides come there and tell them about the sipai game there, and tell the three rules of the game. In which the player cannot leave the game in the middle, the loser in the game will be eliminated and the player with a lot of votes can cancel the game, such rules were included. Everyone was ready to play the game. The game begins, and the loser of the game is eliminated which means they kill that player. There is panic seeing the bloodshed. Now instead of 456 players, only 200 players are left in the game. all of them have to cancel the game. And according to rule number three, that game is cancelled, and all those players are released to their homes. Seong tells the police about all these incidents, but the police do not believe him. Later people who quit the game due to their compulsion go to play that game again. A police officer accompanies him into the dangerous world of the game to find his missing brother. 

Many games eliminate each other, in which the organs of those killed are supplied to other countries. That police officer gets his brother, who was the winner of this squid game, and he is involved in this scandal. He kills his officer brother. The last game in these games is the squid game. In which one has to die himself, or kill the other. Till this game, only Seong's childhood friend and Seong remains. In which Seong's friend kills himself, and Seong wins. he is sent home, and given the full amount, he won in the game. By then, Seong's mother dies. Seong does not even touch that money. Later he comes to know about the main villain who made this game, who plays the game with him. He too dies due to health issues. 

A friend's brother identified in the second game reaches his mother, and he gives all the money to them. He again sees that stranger who meet him before. He follows her but she disappears. He gets the same contact number as he used to play the first game. Seong was contacting that game organizer and why are you doing this to people? he asks such questions, he gets a response, if you want to stay alive, then sit in the flight. Seong goes forward to take flight. Here the show was ended.

How to watch

Squid Game This show has been bought by Netflix. You can watch this show with a Netflix subscription.



So this was the story of the squid game. It is very exciting and scary to see this game with a different concept. We hope that you will like our information.