Spider-man no way home - Release date, Budget, Cast, Review, Box Office Collection

 Spider-man no way home

As we all know that Hollywood is equally famous along with Bollywood in the cinematic world. People go crazy behind American movies. Among those American superhit movies, the Spider-Man Home Coming movie, which came in 2017, won the hearts of movie lovers in the country and abroad. 

The movie has already completed two parts and Spider-Man No Way Home is a sequel to the parts in which the Spider-Man identity is revealed for the first time. This movie is an action-based adventure and fantasy movie. In this movie, Spider-Man's real-life responsibilities and how he faces the crisis faced by his family and the world is shown. Spider-Man seeks the help of Doctor Strange after his secret is uncovered and his world is pierced by a magician whose magic goes wrong and the biggest villain is released. How Spider-Man will prevent Peter from changing his future now and rather the future of the Multiverse.

So today we will know about the movie review and story of Spider-Man No Way Home.


Movie Overview

Spider-Man's identity has been exposed to the world, and at the same time, this bet has become even more dangerous than before. Peter isn't able to separate his real life and the life of a superhero, and he has to face many big challenges as he learns what it means to be his superhero Spider-Man.

The movie will release in India on 16 December 2021 and in the US on 17 December 2021. The director of this movie is Jon Watts and the producers are Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige. Some production companies are also associated with this movie like Columbia Picture, Marvel Studio, and Pascal Picture and this movie has 20 crores USD movie budget. And on IMDb, this movie has got 8.8 ratings out of 10 ratings and this movie was well-liked where 97% of the people got this movie best. Its box office collection has so far reached $ 1.403 billion.

Movie review

The identity of Spider was completely revealed, which was recognized by the whole world only in the mask. The police consider Peter the main accused in the murder of Mysteries. He becomes very upset as Peter's truth is revealed, and he goes to Doctor Strange, a magician. Takes their help to hide his identity again and his magical experiment of playing with the timeline unfolds and the multiverse begins. And very dangerous villains from the multiverse come into Peter's life. But they do not recognize Peter without the mask. This is the best movie in the spider-man series and a very interesting movie. Due to this, you will become crazy about this movie. The fighting scenes, VFX of this movie are very good. Here you will get to see some funny and some dark scenes. You will get many surprises in this movie which you cannot imagine. In this movie, you will touch your heart with the best performance of the cast along with the emotion. This 2.30 hr movie will not disappoint you.


Movie story

The beginning of this movie starts from the end of the last part. Because of Chirjo Johnson, Peter's truth is revealed to the whole world. And everyone starts believing Spider-Man to be the culprit of Financial's death. The police also get suspicious of Peter and they reach his house. And because of that Peter does not get admission to any college and has no job. And along with Peter, his friends are also not getting admission anywhere. This upsets Peter greatly, and seeing his friends and his family in trouble, Peter reaches out to the magician Doctor Stranger. 

Tells them that his identity has come in front of everyone, so can you do something so that Peter is Spider-Man from the memory of the whole world. Despite the refusal of Doctor Strange Form, Peter agrees to help him because Peter helped him to save the world. Doctor Strange takes Peter to the joint, also known as the Rooms of Kuff. Going there to erase the memory of the world, the mantra of Matina verge starts falling. But Peter confuses Stranger with himself in reciting the spell, which leads to the reversal of the spell and the villains of the Multiverse come there. Pitter is worried about his friends not getting admission and goes to the head of the college, where he keeps talking that the villains from the multiverse attack Pitter. But Doctor Stranger saves him, and the two villains are taken, prisoner. At Peter's request, the doctor tells him about Villain's arrival and the reason for attacking Peter. And they give their magical gadget to Peter, saying that there are more than two villains.

They are asked to bring the villains of the multiverse together in the basement. So that they can send those villains back to their universe. To do this, Peter takes the help of his friends. One such villain is imprisoned with the help of a friend from another world with great challenges. Doctor Strange starts preparing to send him back to his universe when he learns that he will die if these villains go back to his universe. The doctors wanted to lock him in a magic box instead of sending him to his universe. 

But Peter does not want this and a big fight ensues between the Doctor and Peter. The villains that Peter wanted to make a human become his enemy and a fight ensue between them and in this, the close one dies by doing Peter. Two of Pitter's college friends use the Doctor's magic rings to reverse the magic of the Doctor's magic rings to bring Peter back, leading to two Spider-Man parts of Pichke's parts. And he helps Peter, Peter makes those villains human. After that, Doctor Strange comes there and with his magic, sends those villains to his universe and at the same time, at the behest of Peter, removes the secret of his being Spider-Man from the whole world from his mind. Due to this everyone's memory related to Pitra goes away. But the problem faced by them is solved. And here the movie ends.


Main movie casts

There are lots of character in this movie, about some of the important characters is given below, just read them -

Tom Holland as a Peter Parker the Spider-Man.

Zendaya plays as a ( Mj) Rolle.

Benedict Cumberbatch as a ( doctor strange).

Jacob batalon did as a( ned Leeds), and

The neurosurgeon did the work of Master of the Mystic Arts.

Benedict Cumberbatch acted as a (Dr Stephen Strange).

Favreau is (Harold "Happy" Hogan) in the movie

Jamie Foxx as a( Max Dillon / Electro) will show up.

Willem Dafoe acted as a (Norman Osborn / Green Goblin).

Alfred Molina plays the character of (Otto Octavius ​​/ Doctor Octopus) in the movie.

Benedict Wong has played the role of a(Wong).

Tony Revolori as a (Eugene "Flash" Thompson)

Marisa Tomei as a(May Parker)

There was also Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker / Spider-Man) who also appeared in this movie.

You will also be able to watch the Spider-Man No Way Home movie on online platforms with theatres. You will be able to watch this movie with the subscription of Disney and Starz. In the next few months, you can get to see the movie on other sites online.


Crew details

This movie has been directed by John Watts and the story of this movie has been written by Chris Mckenna, Erik Sommes, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. This movie is produced by victoria Alonso, lovisd'esposito, Aviarod and Rachel O'Connor. as well as executive producer Joann perritano and matt tolmach ,co-producer Mitchell bell, Chris Buongiorno, associated producer Emily Fong and David h. Venghaus and producer(p.g.a) is Kevin Feige and Amy pascal.

The cinematography of Spider-Man No Way Home is done by Mauro Fiore. And the editing of the film was handed over to Leigh Folsom Boyd and Jeffrey Ford. The music of the movie is given by Michael and Giacchino. The production design is done by Darren Gilford. The casting of this movie is done by Al Cerullo, Sarah Finn and Chris Zaragoza. The costume design is done by SanjaMikovic Hays. Similar is the other crew of Spider-Man No Way Home Movie in which you also able to meet 6 film directors, 2 set directors, 25 make-up department person, 8 production management, 16-second unit director, 96 assistant director, 11 art department, 11 sound effects, and 60 other helpers around the set.

There are 76 stunts men, 133 camera and electrical departments, 40 animation departments, 3 casting departments, 37 costumes and wardrobe departments, 28 editorial departments, 2 local management, 56 music department, 5 scripts and continuity department, 10 transportation department, and 16 additional crew acted in these movies.

I hope you understand about all the crew members and other important characters of this movie.


So this was the story and review of spider man no way home and the movie cast is also very hardworking and presents top class acting and editing in front of you in form of this movie. If you read this article then I think you understand about this top-class film and if you understand everything about this top class movie and then try to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.