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Avatar 2 is an American movie that is coming in 2022. It is an adventure science-fictional movie that shows a family going through a tough time to live with each other and save their planet. Its first part 'Avatar' which came in 2009 took the film world to many heights. 

This movie was well-liked by the people. And the Jake Sully and Ne'Tiri characters of the movie became very famous. 'Avatar' shows how Jake Sully and Ne'Tiri keep the family together and how they save their home and their Pandora Planet. Where the increased fight between Jake and Man was shown. So today we are going to see the upcoming Avatar 2 release dates, cast and reviews.

movie overview

Avatar 2 This movie is a sequel to Avatar (2009). Based on Action, Adventure and Science Friction, Avatar 2 Movie is directed by James Cameron. The film is produced by 20th Century Studios. This is James Cameron's second film after 'Avatar' (2009). The producer of this movie is John Lando, Cameron. and Josh Friedman is a co-writer. Cameron, Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Ausharen Salerno were also involved in the story writing of this movie. This movie is going to release in the United States on 16th December 2022. This film is made in English language and this film has been shot in New Zealand. Some parts of this movie have been shot underwater. Another name for this movie ватар is 2. The budget of this movie is around $250 million.

Crew Detail

Avatar 2 movie was made under the direction of James Cameron. The screenplay of this movie is done by James Cameron and Josh Friedman. The cinematography of this movie was done by Russell Carpenter. David Brenner, James Cameron, John Rifoy, Stephen E. Rivkin have edited this film. The music was given by Simon Franglen. The movie casting of the film was done by Marjari Simkin. Dilan Cole and Ben Proctor have designed the production.

 Bob Bukk, Deborah Lynn Scott designed the costumes for this movie. The entire set decoration of the movie is done by Vanessa Cole.

Along with this (16) Art Direction, (24) Makeup Department, (7) Production Management, (16)Second Unit Director or Assistant Director,(124) Art Department, (24) Sound Department, (31)Special Effects Crew, (372) Visual Effects, (89) Stunts, (163) Camera and Electrical Department, (12) Animation Department, (8) Casting Department, (49) Costume and Wardrobe Department, (15) Editorial Department, (4) Location Management, (3) Music Department, (6) Script & Continuity Department, (7) Transport Department and (99) Additional Crew have worked for this movie.

Trailer review

Avatar 2 movie trailer has been released. We can only guess how great the movie will be by watching the trailer. Avatar 2 trailer is awesome and awesome. In which the war between the inhabitants of Pandora Planet and humans is shown. Humans attack the Pandora Planet with their robots and the movie's important characters Ronal and Nitiri are seen trying to save themselves and their planet. This trailer has been released with great screenplay and science fiction with the best visual effects. The underwater scene is also shown in the trailer. Seeing the trailer itself, your eyes will open wide. Right now this is a trailer, the picture is yet to come.

Movie Review

Avatar 2 Movie will be released in the United States by December of 2022. This movie was supposed to release in 2017 itself but due to the best scene shoot with better effects, it took a long time to make this movie. Viewers are waiting for this movie with great enthusiasm for a long time. Hope this wait ends this year. The trailer of the film is so unbelievable and mind-boggling that we are on Pandora Planet will look like this. With this, it is released that the movie is going to be the best like its first part. You won't even be able to blink your eyes while watching it.

Main cast

1) Kate Winslet - Ronal

 2) Joey Saldan - Nitiri

 3) Sigourne Weaver - Michelle Yeon

 4) Dr Kareena Mogaye -Jemaine Clement

 5) Dr Lawn Garvin -Sam Worthington

 6) Jake Sully - Stephen Long

 7) Miles Couric - Giovanni Rebsi

 8) Parker Selfridge - John Chaplin

 9) Warang - Ada Falco

 10) General Ardmore -Cliff Curtis

 11) Tonovari - Chloe Coleman

 12) Young Folk - CCH Pounder

 13) Mott - Joel David Moore

 14) Norm Spelman - Matt Gerald

 15) Corporal Lyle Wyfleet - Jimmy Flatters

 16) Natyam - Belly Bass

 17) Tasiriyya - Caston John

 18) War - Brendan Cowell

 19) Scoresby -Britain Dalton

 20) Folk - Philippe Gelejo

Movie story

Jake Sully lives with his new family on the planet Pandora in this amazing and exciting movie like Avatar 2. Once back to eliminate a familiar threat that had been introduced earlier, Jake has to work with the Neytiri and Navi race forces to defend his planet. Avatar earns its reputation, and it's arguably better than Endgame. The visual effects are amazing, and the acting is great by all the casts. Here the veil will be exposed from the conspiracy. We all will be eagerly waiting for the movie.

How to watch

You can watch Avatar 2 movies on DVD, Netflix, Blu-ray which is available on Amazon and with a Disney stream subscription. You will get to see this movie after a few days on different online platforms. After this movie is available, you can also watch this movie by downloading the movie from YouTube or other online movie sites.


Avatar 2:- The information about Avatar 2 movie reviews and details given by us will help you to watch this movie on the first showtime. This movie is going to be very exciting for small children but at the same time there is a nude scene in this movie, so show the movie to the children with caution.