Atrangi Re Movie Release date, Budget, Cast, Review, Box Office Collection

 Atrangi Re is an Indian Movie full of Comedy, Drama, and Romance, where a Tamil boy meets a Bihar girl and gets married against his mind. They want to part ways and this is the story of their love. Begins. There is another imaginary character in this movie who is the lover of the girl who only looks at him. The idea of ​​this movie has been taken from Dhanush's Ranjhana movie. So let's see the story of this strange love.

Atrangi Re Movie overview

Atrangi Re This movie features a character named Rinku who falls in love with a boy named Sajjad. But she is forcibly married to a medical student, Vishu, who is engaged in two days. The entire journey of them is shown in this movie, where instead of separating, they fall in love with each other. Rinku falls in love with both the Harrows shown in the movie together and wants to be with both of them, the same conflict will be seen in this movie.

This movie is directed by Anand L. Rai and the Producer of this movie is Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Anand L. Rai, and Himanshu Sharma.

The Atrangi movie will be released in India on 24 December 2021. This movie is made in two languages ​​Hindi and Tamil. Another name of this movie is "Galatta kalyanam" which is in Tamil. Production companies like a cope of a good film, color yellow production, and T-series films have invested money for this movie.

This movie has got a 6.8 rating out of 10 ratings and 78% of people have liked this movie. The budget of this movie is 40 cr. And till now its box office collection was 100 cr. Till now.

Atrangi Re Movie Details

The story of Atrangi Re movie is written by Himanshu Sharma, in which he has also written screenplays and dialogues. A.R Rahman has given music and background score to this movie. The cinematography of Atrangi Re is done by Pankaj Kumar. And the film editing has been done by Hemal Kothari and Prakash Chandra Sahu (co-editor). The casting of the film has been done by Mukesh Chabra and Deepali Sareen. So the production design is done by Nitin Zihani Choudhary, art direction by Sonu Hittalmani, and costume design by Ankita Jha and Manish Malhotra. Sham Kaushal who is the action director and Sanober Pardiwalla have done stunts in this film.

The production management was done by Kunal Borkar (Past-Production Manager), Sushil Mane Production Manager, Akshay Mawle (Production Controller), Ainesh Mehta (Unit Production Manager), and Nidhi Sharma who is the Production Manager. Similarly there are other 30 crews who work on this movie with different perspective.

Atrangi ReMovie story

Atrangi Re The movie starts with Sara Ali Khan i.e. Rinku escaping from the house. Who has tried to run away from home for the 21st time? His family members were also running after him. Rinku reaches the railway station where Dhanush i.e. Vishu who came from Tamil Nadu along with one of his friends Madhusudan gets down at the same Bihar station. Rinku's family catches her at the station, but seeing that Rinku is dying after throwing bottles at her, Vishu tries to save Rinku but goes back after her friend refuses. After Rinku surrenders, her family takes her home. As Rinku is not a parent, she is with her Nani, who is troubled by her habit of running away from the house.

Nani's anger breaks out on Rinku and her maternal grandmother wants to get her married to any boy of any caste or state and asks her family to find a boy. Madhusudhan, who is studying medicine with Vishu, is noticed by Rinku's maternal uncle and he mistakenly takes her away for marriage. Rinku is not ready for marriage but gets her married to Vishu in a state of unconsciousness. Vishu is also scared as he is about to get engaged to Mandy of Tamil who happens to be the daughter of a college member.

Rinku and Vishu are not happy with the marriage and Rinku tells Vishu about her lover Sajjid who is a magician. And she says it is going to come in a few days. Vishu takes her to his boy's hostel and informs them about their engagement and takes Rinku with him to Tamil Nadu. He comes to know about their marriage and after a big fight, Vishu comes back with Rinku without getting engaged. goes. But Vishu falls in love with Rinku and goes to the hostel to express his love to her in Tamil. Rinku does not understand her husband and goes to Sajjad after hearing about the arrival of her lover. Vishu does not want to meet Sajjad but Madhu goes to meet Rinku where Rinku introduces Madhu to Sajjad who is Rinku's imagination. Madhu tells this to Vishu and they both start treatment on Rinku. But nothing works. Similarly, Vishu and Madhu try to destroy Rinku's imagination.

Finally, when Rinku realizes that Sajjad is her imagination, who was her father. Rinku's mother and Papa run away and get married and Sajjad ends up in jail. After his release from prison, he starts doing magic and goes to the sets of Sajid with his mother Rinku to see his magic, where due to some disturbance, Rinku's parents die in front of him. And this shock Rinku had not forgotten yet. After that Rinku goes to Vishu and the movie ends.

Atrangi Re Movie review

This is a normal love story that has been presented to you in the Atrangi Re movie in an Atrangi manner. Whose story is awesome? In this, Dhanush's real acting and Akshay Kumar's small but important role gave life to the movie. Sara Ali Khan's acting in Atrangi can get you a flaw that does not look real in the movie at all. Some points of the movie are used to make the performance and emotional scenes funny. The special thing about the movie is that the great music given by A.R Rahman in the movie will make you feel happy.

Akshay Kumar is enough to bring laughter to your face. As the name of the movie, the story of the movie is also strange and funny. This movie is 2h.18min which will surprise you with twists in between.

So, after researching on all reviews and movies we found that this movie is one of the best movies which is full of excitement and different twist in different stages. So, according to our research, you will enjoy this movie.

Atrangi Re Movie casts

Some of the important casts of the Atrangi Re movie is given below and the name of some important character is given below.

  • Sara will be seen in the role of Ali khan as a Rinku.
  • Dhanush who is (Vishu) in the movie.
  • Akshay Kumar has played the role of (Sajjad).
  • Seema Biswas has acted as Rinku's maternal grandmother.
  • Ashish Verma who is (Madhusudhan).
  • Dimple Hayathi as a (Tamil mandy)
  • Pankaj jha did the work of (rinku' mama1 ).
  • Ashok Banthia has become a (Rinku's maternal uncle2).
  • Rinku's maternal uncle is in the Bharti Gola(Mami) movie
  • Anand will be seen as Babu (Vishu's father).
  • Nithiyaa Ravindra This (Vishu's mother) is Bani.
  • Gopal data as a (divorce lawyer)
  • G.Marimuthu(mandy's father)
  • Jeya Swaminathan(mandy's mother)and
  • Mannat mishra (baby rinku)

Total 40 such casts have worked in this movie. In which 13 colleagues of Vishu, some pundits, canteen waiters, rest of the cast have also been cast for uncredited roles.

How to watch Atrangi Re Full Movie

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