83 Movie Release date, Budget, Cast, Review, Box Office Collection

We have been watching many sports-related movies before this. Similarly, 83 movie is also a story related to sports which are related to the 1983 world cup won by the India national cricket team.

In this, the excellent performance of the Indian cricket team and love for the country has been shown. In 1983, the Indian cricket team was led by Kapil Dev, who is the great sportsman of today's cricket. So let's see the movie review and story of 83.

83 Movie Overview

This movie is based on those 14 cricket team players. Whose victory in the third World Cup in 1983, which the Indian official did not expect at all. But those 14 players have given new heights to the Indian cricket team by beating the West Indies World Cup Championship twice. It is a Biography, Drama, Sports and History based movie. In which the efforts and success of the Indian cricket team are depicted. Kabir Khan has given direction to 83 movies.

This movie will be released on 23 December 2021 in the UK, US and India. This movie has been made in Hindi and English. The scenes in this film were shot in the Nevill Ground, Tunbridge wells, kent, England and UK. This movie has been funded by Reliance Entertainment, Phantom Films and Kabir Khan Films in production companies. The story of this 83 movie is written by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and he has also written the screenplay. Vasan Bala has also worked on the screenplay. And Sumit Arora has done the dialogue writing.

This movie got a 10 out of 7.4 rating on IMDb and 84% liked this movie. The budget of this movie is 260 cr. And till now the box office collection of this movie was 169.39 cr.

Crew details

Producer Kabir Khan, Sajjid Nadiadwala, Deepika Padukone, Vishnuvardhan Induri, Sheetal Vinod Talwar
Co-Producer Vivek B Agarwal Line Producer:- Cyrus Patel, Aditya Singh
Music Pritam Chakraborty
Cinematography Assem Mishra
Film Edit Nitin Bad
Casting Mukesh Chhabra & Magda Sobolewska
Production Design Kevin Mons and Paul Rowan
Art Direction Bilal Hashmi, Santosh Katkar, Kargonkar Tejas
Set Decoration Ambika Acharya

Movie Review

83 Movie In this movie you will be seen adding a touch of entertainment with tremendous acting. Every character and every player in the cricket team has been depicted in the movie.

The direction of the movie is perfect and superb. Where the cotton-based direction of Team India has not been done. In this movie, you will get to see the tremendous acting of all the casts, as if you are watching a World Cup match. This movie is very special in itself in which you can relive the joy of winning the first World Cup.

Movie story

The movie starts from the BCCI office, where Team India's selection letter for the 1983 World Cup keeps coming. Where the office officer had no faith in Team India winning the World Cup. They are found making fun of that team, only then PR Man Singh enters, and they talk about Team India winning the World Cup. Hearing this, all the people in the office laugh at him, and make fun of him, it was because then Team India was very weak and did not win a single series match.

Team India was completely ready for the World Cup match being held in England and leaves at the airport to go to England, where everyone is introduced and everyone reaches abroad. Team India was not a big cricket team at that time which has excelled in any match. Because of that, Team India is not given much attention in England and they are waiting for the bus. The second and West Indies team was the strongest and best team of that time. By their arrival, there was a line of press people and they go to the hotel by team bus. After a long time, Team India gets the bus, and they also reach the hotel where Kapil Dev meets the team. Team India has to win 4 test matches, but they lose.

The team practices for the next day's match, but loses in the very first match due to the tremendous performance of the West Indies. Which was a strong team which was one of the teams worthy of the World Cup. Seeing Team India losing, when Team India is going to get angry, then the Indian people of England ask them to win even one match. Because they are bullied when the Indian team loses. Just then a small child comes to Kapil Dev and tells him that he is his big fan. But that call will not be able to come to watch the match. Because my father doesn't want to waste money to come to see a losing team. This thing takes heart to Kapil Dev. Kapil Dev encourages his team a lot for the next match and the day again he has a match with West Indies. At first team, India gets out to pay out, but later their game gets better. Team India wins easily from West Indies and zimbabwe team. 

After winning two consecutive matches, Team India gets overconfidence, due to which India loses very badly to Australia and West Indies. In which even Kapil Dev could not perform well. When they are going to the hotel, they are seen waving the flags of all the countries there, but the flag of India is not there. Then the same little child found by Kapil Dev comes with the flag of India and starts waving it. Team India's eyes water on seeing this. The match of the next day is as important as it is because, if we lost, then Team India would have been out of the World Cup. After preparing the team for the next match, Kapil Dev goes to take a shower.

But as soon as Team India comes to the field, but it does not last long. India goes out pay-out on 9 runs for 4 wickets, when Kapil Dev comes to know about this, he goes to play on the ground. And he plays in such a way, whose record has not been broken by anyone to date. Team India beats Zimbabwe and Australia. They reach the final after defeating England in the semi-finals. India's final match remains with West Indies, the strongest team in cricket.

India gets the first batting. At first, the players of India got out and after some time Team India performed well. But the West Indies captain was able to take out as many runs as India would have scored. Due to this, Team India comes under tension. But India gets the wicket of West Indies' strongest player and India easily defeats West Indies, and for the first time, India wins the World Cup. Team India's happiness knows no bounds and this is the end of the movie.

How to watch 83 Movie

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